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10 signs of a travel addict

The world seems to be smaller for the one who is always on the go to explore its every corner. The more you explore and unwind yourself, the more you are in awe of it. Who better understands that travelling is not always about the destination, but it's about the journey that makes it beautiful.

You own an endless bucket list. Your room is full of places you visited, and you are dying to visit. The enthusiasm to open up to the new challenges and the urge to travel is never ending for you. It is what defines the life of a travel addict. What more makes you a travel addict other than being an ardent traveller;

1. Your thoughts are occupied with travel plans: You have restless thoughts about visiting the next place. You already plan it months before you intend to visit. Your routine includes studying the area you are going to attend, learning the language of that place. You have done extensive research about every small thing there and etched out a perfect plan for your upcoming travel.

2. You are too flexible with the situation: You have mastered the art of adjusting to things. From buses to trains to hostels, nothing can stop you from taking that much-needed nap. You accommodate yourself from the smallest of the places to the biggest hotel rooms. You sacrifice your comforts to visit that one place which you always dream of.

3. Your watchlist on TV: You grab your popcorn and get cosy on the couch to watch a travel show rather than a movie or sports. Your browse for travel blogs more than your social media. Your favourites are lined up with travelling sites, and you still have a favourite travel blogger to add onto your list.

4. Travelling is a priority on your budget: You take out the maximum amount of your earnings for travel. You have a travel savings account. You pile up all your budget for the journey and spend everything on your travel expenditure. Your wallet is filled with travel cards & different currencies.

5. Your passport has no space for stamping: Immigration department has difficulty finding space for stamping on your passport. You have visited every country that you could, and you still have an endless list of countries to fulfil your wanderlust. You have countries by hearted and can count continents on fingertips.

6. You have friends from every corner: The Best thing about travelling is being friends with people from different cultures and places. You have friends from every place you visited. You greet people in different languages. You have mastered the art of small talks with people, and you have become a keen learner & it's your new hobby.

7. Quick packer and unpacker: Packing for most of the people is a headache. People are always paranoid about the things that they may leave behind. But for you, packing is as easy as unpacking. You very well know the things you should be carrying and remember how to pack smart. And you are even more quickest when it comes to unpacking your items after the trip.

8. Impressive social media: Your social media is full of travel diaries. The walls look impressive with every journey that you have taken. Most of your social media friends are the ones you met on the road, place or from the hostel where you stayed. Pictures on your walls speak volumes of the experiences you had through that journey.

9. Smart planner: It's not easy to plan your travel budget especially when your travels include overseas destinations. But you are a pro in booking your deals. You know every other site which offers you discounts, vouchers, voucher codes. For example, Hotozcoupons provides you with the best discounts, and you know where to grab the best deals from.

10. Stories to narrate:You have immense experience from the journeys you have taken. You know it has made you into a better person and a richer one too. You have exciting tales to narrate to your friends and family. You beam with pride when people show keen interest on the adventures you have been a part of.

If it all made you smile, and you ticked most points out of these, then you are a travel addict. But your thirst for visiting new places and exploring the unexplored has not quenched yet. If you have been away from travelling for a few months, you have butterflies all over your stomach, and you start daydreaming about the places you have in your bucket list.

You begin no day, where you have ended the same day. That's what the beauty of a traveller lies in.

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